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The Paradip Port Trust, located on the North Eastern Seaboard of India in the State of , Orissa, approximately 210 nautical miles of south of Kolkata (Calcutta) and 260 nautical miles north of Vizagapatnam has offered 100 acres of land towards southern side of harbour entrance on 30-year lease for the purpose of setting up a Ship Repair Facility catering for Panamax Size Vessels (these are the vessels whose dimensions are the maximum permitted for Panama canal and can carry One Lakh M.T of Cargo) on a BuildOperate- Transfer basis in line with Central Government requirements.
The Project will be undertaken as a Joint Venture between B.C.C. Shipping & Shipbuilding ltd. India (the promoter) and Clark & Standfield. U.K. (as Primary Technical Consultants) jointly with Babty Group. U.K. & Posford Duivier (as Technical Associates) in which the promoter is entering into a Land Lease Agreement with the Paradip Port Trust for 30 years for the construction and operation of Ship repair facility. The Technical Consultants will provide all the technical know-how; project management for the construction of specialized integrated Marine items along with technical assistance in setting up and operation of the Ship repair facility whilst the Promoter will construct and operate the facility and will arrange for the necessary finance.
The facility will be designed and constructed within approximately 5 1/2 years from the commencement and the ship repair operations will be made possible after approximately 2 1/2 years from commencement. After 30 years from commencement, the facility will be transferred to the Paradip Port Trust giving approximately 25 years of operation to recover the investment etc.
The completed facility at the Complex shall have the following accommodations:
1 1Off 25,000 tonne lift capacity independent floating docks;
2 1Off 20,000 tonne lift capacity independent floating docks;
3 4Off wet berths, each approx 290 meters long;
4 1Off Graving dock 300*45 meters;
5 1Off Slipway in the form of a marine railway with a maximum capacity of
1000 tonnes approx
THE FLOATING DOCKS 2 in nos. are designed to accommodate a maximum vessel size of panamax dimension to carry out the Dry docking repair which is the most expensive part of a Ship Owner's maintenance program and is undertaken only for one of the following reasons:
To meet the periodical underwater inspection & maintenance of Ship's Hull in fulfilling the requirements of the Classification Society in order that the ship remain in class;
To clean & paint the underwater hull of the ship periodically to maintain the Ship's performance;
To carry out underwater repairs of Hull plates damaged either due to normal
wear & tear and/or accident;
WET BERTHS 4 in nos. each of 290mtr in length enabling to accommodate panamax size vessel of about 8mtrs draught in the repairconditions are to be constructed to facilitate all types of afloat repairs on vessels which do not require the vessel to be dry docked.
THE GRAVING DOCK is designed to accommodate panamax size vessel for scrapping, the dimension being 300m long * 45m wide. However It shall be so designed that if need be the Graving dock can also be used as underwater repair docks for one panamax size or 2 standard size vessels.
THE SLIPWAY would be in the form of a marine railway with a maximum capacity of approx. 1000 tones. It is envisaged that there will be a number of small harbour craft operated both by the Ship-repair complex and the Port Authorities. Since it would be uneconomic to tie up a large floating dock with such craft, it is proposed to provide a small Slipway.
In addition 150acres of land has been earmarked adjacent to the ship repair complex for a town ship for 10,000 resident"
Director General Of Shipping shall be the Statutory Surveyor for the Project
Lloyds Register Of Shipping & American Bureau Of Shipping shall be the Classification Surveyors for the Project.
Calcutta Port.
Madras Port.(Chennai)
Paradip Port.
New Mangalore Port.
Vishakapatanam Port.
Kandla Port.
Naval Constructions/Defence Projects.
Foreign Lines.
Projection to Execute Port Klang's Projects
30 Tons Bollard Pull Tugs.
Self Propelled Barges.
Master Ship Building Repair Complex.( MSBRC)
Project Execution Locations
Tugs & Barges will be constructed at Paradip Port and Chennai Port, final delivery is at Chennai Port, India.
MSBRC Project will be taken up at the Port Klang site in Malaysia.
There is clean citation of four major Floating Dry Docks (FDD) Steel structured:
345 mts in length OA
50 mts in width BM
14 mts in height
Two RCC Docks Graving Docks on land
There are more Panamax and Suezmax vessels in Port Klang than even perhaps in larger Indian Ports:
6 nos of Quays (smaller bertgs for smaller vessels)
4 nos of wet – berths for still higher dimensions of vessels for berthing.
Project Consultants - Moffat and Nichole.
Project Collaborators - Crandall dry docks - Urbantec Inc.