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B.C.C. SHIPPING AND SHIP BUILDING LTD. was founded in the year 1993 with the object to take deep concentration in developing the infrastructure facilities of international standard in Ship building, Ship Repairing and Allied Marine Services (an area on which India was very much lacking) by associating the Company with some of the Giant Multinational Port & its Infrastructure Developers, Marine Engineers and Ship Builders. In the process, the Company formed a consortium with world leaders like CLARK & STAFIELD LTD. of Scotland, the Inventor of the concept of Floating Dry Dock, BABTIE JACOB LTD. of Scotland, the one of the biggest Ship-lifts and Port Developers in Europe and POSFORD DUIVIER, one of the World's largest Marine Consultancy Group. Using their thoroughbred professionalism and wherewithal to conceive, design, engineer quality, cost effectiveness, timely execution, viability & profitability of any project of any volume in the infrastructure development in the Marine Field especially in the atmosphere of the prevailing dichotomy in saving and investment of a liberalized economy in India, Chairman Dr. Bhaskar Sen initiated one such concept of constructing one Ship building / Repairing Complex of International Standard with all the latest International Technology and by far the largest of its kind in the whole of South East Asia and one of the few in the whole World at Paradip in Orissa.
BCC Shipping and Ship Building Limited is a company endowed with a rich heritage in the History of Shipping business inIndia. It is promoted by Sri Bhaskar Sen Chairman and Managing Director, a renowned shipping magnate, whose rich experience in Shipping Industry runs well over four decades. He is an eminent titan of the industry, whom the people associated with the industry, look upon with great reverence. He has inherited shipping as his lifeblood from his illustrious father late. Paresh Chandra Sen, who was a pioneer in shipping industry and the promoter of Hindock Engineering Company private limited. Mr. P. C. Sen was an acknowledge of wizard of the shipping business from whom his son Sri. Bhaskar Sen picked up the basics of the shipping business and under whose guidance he achieved great experience to become a veteran in shipping business at a relatively young age.
Shri Bhaskar Sen is the proud recipient of the prestigious Transworld Trade Fair Gold Medal Award in February, 1979 in Bhopal, for technical excellence of the company ,awarded by the institute of Self Defence and National Character from the Minister of State for Industry.
Shri Bhaskar Sen was a visionary from his childhood and aspired to carve out a niche for himself in the international shipping business. He was never content to rest on his laurels and was always having the burning desire to achieve greater heights of success and glory. From the solid platform of his father's business and his inherent genius, he toiled hard undeterred by multitude of obstacles, hindrances and challenges thrown up by life to reach his current position of eminence, Today he is considered as an entrepreneur par excellent in the shipping industry and an inspiring role model for budding entrepreneurs. His dream for promoting a mega project resulted in the formation of BCC SHIPPING AND SHIP BUILDING LIMITED in the year 1993.
In 1995, the company participated in the Global Tender floated by the Ministry of surface Transport, for building a unique ship Repairing Complex on BOST (Build. Own, Share, and Transfer) basis to be set up at Paradip in Orissa at an estimated project cost of Rs.1450 cores. It will be the biggest ship repairing complex in south-East Asia and will be instrumental in foreign exchange earnings for the country from a hitherto untapped area. The company was awarded the probed by the Ministry because of its rich background and proven entrepreneurial skills of Sri. Bhaskar Sen and technical expertise of its joint venture partner, CLARK & STANDFIELD LTD. of UK, a joint bidder, who have an experience or 150 years and unmatched international reputation in designing and construction of floating dry docks.
In 1998, the probed cost was once again escalated to Rs. 3200 cores, which is to be financed to the extent of 70% by Foreign Financial Institution and balance 30% by the Govt. of India in the form of Subsidy, as per the revised policy guidelines, the probed was converted from BOST to BOT (Build own and Transfer) Project by the Ministry.
of Scotland, Member of LOBINITZ GROUP OF COMPANIES, comprising SIR J.H.BILLS & CO. L TD, who are advisers to IFC, WORLD BANK, ADS, ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK etc. has its origins in the mid 191+1 Century when Edwin Clark, who had already been involved in the design of a number of early hydraulic lift type floating dock set up a company to built floating docks. The first dock was constructed in the year 1857 at the Victoria Dock, London.
In the year 1873 John Standfield who had by then already come to prominence for his work in the design & building of pontoon type bridges joined hand with Edwin Clark, resulting in the now familiar name of Clark & Standfield. Latimer Clark, brother of Edwin Clark, an Engineer of considerable note, part responsible for establishing the names of electrical units: OHMS, FARADS, VOLTS and inventor of the CLARK CELL and also instrumental in the creation of Institute Of Electrical Engineers, joined the company. With the advent of iron replacing wood, it became possible for floating docks to be designed capable of lifting mighty steel structured ship at a very competitive cost because of its edge over Graving dock in reliability, mobility & cost effectiveness etc. (as stated hereinafter) and thus it became increasingly difficult for the Graving docks to remain competitive in the market of ship repairing.
The continuous success of Clark & Standfield in repairing of ships using Floating type dry dock soon established this company as the leaders in this field. In fact Clark & Standfield was mainly responsible for generating the acceptance and developing the full potential of floating docks.
It was Clark & Standfield only who in the year 1973 provided assistance to Lloyds Register of Shipping to bring out the 1973 Rules & Regulations for the construction and classification of Floating Docks.
The success of Clark & Standfield's floating docks and their considerable inventness has led to numerous patent designs and has established the company as the foremost authority on the design and construction of floating docks. As on date with a record some 200 floating docks designed and constructed with a combined total lifting capacity well in excess of 1 million tonnes and with world patent of over a dozen of different types of floating docks, Clark & Standfield remains THE LEADER and unmatched by any company IN THE WORLD
Of Scotland, U.K. is the leading technical and management consultancy in Maritime Industry operating in Europe. Their expertise in the field of developing & construction of Shipbuilding & Ship repair yards, dry-docks, harbour & piers matches to none in present days maritime field in Europe.
One of the largest Marine Consultancy groups who made marine layout plans for great shipyards like SEMBA WANG & KEPPEL in SINGAPORE, HYUNDAI in South Korea.
All vessels designed and built were under ISV (Indian Steam Vessels Act).
IMS Load line (Indian Merchant Shipping Act).
Barge & Tugs constructed will be accordance with the latest rules and regulations expect the Barges meet ABS requirement.

These following certificate will be issued :
International tonnage certificate.
International load line certificate.
Classification certificate.
Other relevant certificate.

Lloyds Register Of Shipping, U.K. & American Bureau Of Shipping, U.S.A. shall be the Classification Society Surveyors and Inspectors to the Project
Director General Of Shipping shall be the Statutory Surveyor and inspector to the Project.
Director – Naval Construction, Ministry of Defence as regular inspector and monitor to the project on behalf of the Government.